What Do We Do?

Brooktrail Technologies is a start-up that is developing a web-based financial solution to help you manage your personal finances securely and seamlessly. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions based on your specific financial picture and  objectives. We allow you to see your financial accounts in one place and translate those numbers into meaningful data that allows you to make insightful decisions and choices. And, we help you understand the impact of your financial decisions before you make them. We believe people are smart and want control of their finances and we want to build the tools that make managing your finances easy and transparent.

What Makes Us Different?

We are not just the next, great technology start-up. We understand personal finances and we leverage technology to help individuals visualize their financial world and make sound decisions. By operating independently of financial institutions, advisers or banks we make sure that the information and tools provided to you are not influenced by sales commissions, fees and other personal incentives. We try and operate by three basic rules: 

One Stop Shop  You can manage your personal finances in one location.

Simplify  You should understand your whole financial picture in about ten minutes a month.

Be good  We only make recommendations that are in your best interests.